Little bit of Xmas rippage

Happy Holidays Everyone! Sometimes you need to vent and have some time for yourself. Going out with the wreckless crew always solves that. As much as i want to be awesome, sometimes you just have to settle with what you have and can do. Best practice enjoy it! I rather fly than wrench. I’ll have […]

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Taranis QX7 Delays

Looks like the US does not like large envelopes and i need to redesign my template. For USA orders only and the QX7 there will be a delay as i am gone for a while. Everything else will ship as normal with no delays.   Things have been really good, lots of copy cats out […]

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Cloned Cloned Cloned

#powerhobbies #fpv #cloned Arggg seriously your order wraps from me and then make the template your own? Frustrated, make your own fools. — Will Mandujano (@NXGRAPHICS) October 26, 2016 How stupid or smart is this in today’s world. What can i do, probably nothing other than to ask to take it down.

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The Springer Collection

Got a request to do a wrap for a NQD Water Jet and 2 Proline Protek 3355 Short Course Bodies. I really don’t like how the front wheel well ribs look but i was told that they cut them out and put mess in for that nice airflow. Some like it some don’t 😛   […]

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Attention: US Boarder backed up and I'm unable to get any information on delays for packages. Please add at least a week for orders placed during Christmas holiday. Dismiss