Taranis QX7 Delays

Looks like the US does not like large envelopes and i need to redesign my template. For USA orders only and the QX7 there will be a delay as i am gone for a while. Everything else will ship as normal with no delays.   Things have been really good, lots of copy cats out […]

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Cloned Cloned Cloned

#powerhobbies #fpv #cloned Arggg seriously your order wraps from me and then make the template your own? Frustrated, make your own fools. pic.twitter.com/sI5Qojj5ME — Will Mandujano (@NXGRAPHICS) October 26, 2016 How stupid or smart is this in today’s world. What can i do, probably nothing other than to ask to take it down.

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The Springer Collection

Got a request to do a wrap for a NQD Water Jet and 2 Proline Protek 3355 Short Course Bodies. I really don’t like how the front wheel well ribs look but i was told that they cut them out and put mess in for that nice airflow. Some like it some don’t 😛   […]

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