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Down Time, Upgrades :) 15% discount!

For anyone that got affected by the down time here is a coupon code for 15% off any order above 20 bucks, sale ends May 20th. Coupon Code : FPVS15

I keep forgetting to post here, so we had some issues where the website would not send out a completion order emails and then i would have to answer emails if orders were being shipped out or not. Rest assure we sent out all orders and also looked into why this was happening. In short our site needed upgrades, we did that and something went wrong. Go figure, site was down for almost a week but in the end it was much needed and things are back to normal. It also let me unplug for a bit and catch up on much needed sleep 😛

If anyone was trying to get a hold of me recently at the time when the site was down. Please re submit your request in case it was missed. Apologies for the inconvenience the down time might of caused.

Will M.