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Gonna try to reopen September 1st

So what seems like an eternity to get back on my feet with my shop, I am going to try to reopen. I’m worried about the United States Shipping as I can only offer regular Canada post to keep costs down for you the customer. It’s also ridiculous how much it costs to send a simple envelope any faster. So if you order please be sure you can wait 🙂

I am putting up versions of the DJI FPV goggle wrap, Remote Wrap and HDO2

I have held back releasing these wraps due to COVID, motivation, mental health, and the cloners. I wanted to make the cloners sweat and come up with their own versions. As expected the cloners sit and rotate while they wait or clone someone else’s work. I hope that I can get a large distributor to notice my work and hope to get more of my product out in the world.

I hope this works out as self motivation just keeps getting lower and lower, who knows these might be my last items i make as i struggle with my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Anyway lack of updates for anyone that reads these i apologies sincerely…