Fat Shark Army Camo Orange Grey Red


I do not make Fatshark Attitude Series wraps, They are incredibly difficult to wrap for the customer without having massive gaps.

We all want to be unique so why not add your pilot name on the top right of the fan plate / visor or front of the goggles?

In order to make your pilot name stand out i need 2 colors to play with, one light and one dark. Basic color choices, Red White Blue Black Green Yellow Orange Pink Purple.

Capital letters or lowercase letters. You can do whatever you want just don’t mess up writing your own name. I’m the only one that can screw that up :) JK JK “JonDohFpV” ” R2D2FpV ” “H8_FPV” these are examples :P



Protect your gear and look different, wraps are laminated for extra protection against scratches, and harmful UV.

Fits Dominator V2 V3 HD2 HD3 HDO SE

HDO2 please click on the appropriate model needed ( trying a new order form for options bare with me, give feedback if you feel it’s bad )

Your Payments are protected by Paypal – I’m not in the business to burn bridges, solutions will be available if it comes down to not receiving stickers. Your money is SAFE

Make sure you are willing to wait if it comes down to slow processing in your area, this is out of my hands with the pandemic.

I will reopen and see how this process goes if it’s still bad I may reclose the store

Shipping in Canada is normal 5-7 business days or less

Italy, UAE and the Philippines are trouble shipping destinations and have been taken off our list of countries to ship to. 

**Tracking or faster shipping is not offered as it is absurd rates and would scare you guys off, just being honest**

If you do not see a pattern you like on this page please let me know and I can work with you to find a solution.

Samples of my work can be found on

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Installation Videos can be found Here – Click the Playlist icon for options on the product you would like to wrap, I do not have videos for everything but the same fundamentals apply.


Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in

As is Please