Orqa FPV Swirls 7




Orqa FPV Goggle Wrap – Install Difficulty Easy to Medium

Protect your investment and look different with our high performance printed media, laminated and contoured cut for easier application. The one-color specialty wraps will be offered by Folienrabe.at and is located in Europe. We worked on this project via the internet and lots of trial and error to get this wrap to fit just right for you. Make sure you check out the Folienrabe store for FPV Goggle straps also.

The product from NX is shipped in an envelope to save you on shipping. I do not offer tracking or fast shipping on the site as it cost so much it will scare you away. If you insist on getting it fast please message me and I will find out what it will cost.

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Additional information

Weight 54 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in