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I’M Back, Changing Direction

Alrighty, after a constant struggle with my printer for several months it’s pretty much just a plotter that cuts, no prints and I don’t want to dump any more money into it. I would like to save up for a new one and the funds are just not there to make it happen right meow.

I have decided to put up my templates for sale and they are intended for print shops to use them. Why I chose the pricing that I did, I look at it as 2-4 prints and you have recuperated your cost of buying the template. After that, it is all profit and you didn’t have to waste any time making a template. That’s the way I look at it and hope people can understand. I won’t get sucked into a debate on any of the social platforms.

So what am I to do now with my time? well, I can :

  • Cut single-color stickers like boat registration numbers
  • Car window stickers
  • Paint maskings for people that paint Lexan RC cars
  • Small layered signage

The new thing that excites me is the access to a laser engraver and I have managed to make a few cool things that I will put up on my site. Most of these items will be limited but totally open to making more if the demand is there. Some items will be

  • LED Lamp replacements like you see on AM/-\zon, I may sell the LED puck but I don’t want to keep any stock
  • Temporarily do 24oz Stanley Tumblers.
  • If anyone is looking for Lamacoids and wants to give me a chance at making them for you please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page.

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New Year’s update, my printer has let me down, not sure what to do next.

It looks like I’ve hit a roadblock with my printer and I’m currently evaluating my options. Instead of investing more money in this old printer, I’m potentially making some of my templates available for sale. This will give other print shops the opportunity to use them and create beautiful designs. This will also help to reduce the number of copycats and get the files to the right people faster so that they can get the prints out as soon as possible. My templates are designed for full wraps, but I understand that they may be difficult for some people to use.

In the meantime, I’ll keep myself busy by creating LED lamps and small laser signage. As time goes on, my website will be updated to reflect these changes.

I apologize if I seem a bit down lately, but I’ll snap out of it and continue to create and share my work with the world.

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Radiomaster DJI FPV Bundle & Busy Times

As things start to go back to normal, I had forgotten that I had made a wrap for the Radiomaster T16S. As time went by I never clued in that I wasn’t selling any until someone messaged me and asked for one. Huge mistake on my part but the item has been combined with the Jumper Wraps as the template only changed slightly for Radiomaster. You should be able to use the Jumper T16 video for both Transmitters. Apologies for the oversight.

DJI Combo, I made a wrap and felt that too many people were breaking the drone so I scrapped the Drone wraps as my wrap tends to overlap for best coverage. This would have made it difficult for the customer to salvage or take only part of the wrap-off. I do have the goggle wrap that works for V1 and V2 Same Template. As for the Transmitter, I just haven’t had the time to upload it to the site, it is also one that I question and feel might be too hard to put on for the regular Joe, the goal was to make it at least 80% coverage. I have accomplished this task but again is it too hard for the average joe to install? I will make a video, footage has been taken just not put together and narrated. When I release the video and product you can decide if you want to give it a try.

Also, I’ve noticed a fair bit of competition popping off with DJI Wraps and it’s been good for business here. What I want people to know is that nxgraphics is a one-man operation and I cannot compete with Decal Girl, I won’t have a race to the bottom, they have some nice items at really low pricing. I sell 80-90% full-coverage wraps vs semi-half wraps. The market has room for everyone and wanted to say thank you to the customers that continue to support my one-man opperation.

One more thing, I have seen some really nice DJI goggle wraps that are one piece and require you to stretch the sticker on. I am certain that your wrap will lift over time, especially in warm weather as you can’t just pull and stretch a sticker onto a complex item like the DJI Goggle. The idea is great but short-term at best.

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Update, Tango 2 Skins Dropped. HDO2 Delayed, DJI Delayed

Alright as some of you have already noticed, I have dropped the Tango 2 skins before the HDO2 and DJI Goggles. The timing was a little unexpected and I chose to roll with that first. Also, my Cloaner friends will have to wait longer as it looks like none of them want to be innovative to release anything. I will be giving myself some more time to do a little R&R and hope to have lots of skins for spring.

I’ve also caught a gaming illness of late, it’s called EFT and I have to say that this has been a good distraction overwork as I usually just work and don’t really have any me time to myself. For those waiting for releases, I am selfishly taking my time but also want to make sure I put out a good product everyone can install without swearing 😛

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What’s Up 2020

What’s happening in 2020? I plan on working on DJI, ORQA and FatShark Goggles. It is a huge time savage, i hope i can start rolling out by the end of January or sooner.

I have access to DJI Now but i have been sick and pretty much hit that year end wall.

ORQA, i will be working with someone to make these happen, i won’t be buying them as they are out of my scope.

Fatsharks i need to get a hold of a set locally same thing i won’t be buying them as they are out of my scope also, i believe the designs it pretty much the same but IPD area is different and the visor no longer has a switch.
If someone wants to tape and trace these 2 areas for me and get the ball rolling that would be helpful 🙂

Wings i don’t think i will continue making wraps for wings other than the ritewing mini that i worked on last year. Time spent making template, materials needed to make, ship and also have an attractive price is just not there to make it worth while.
Shipping Wing wraps from Canada sucks for packages and having to answer emails about shipping cost or why i can’t offer international tracking just ruins it for me and is a time waste 🙁 I am not large enough of a company to get those sweet DHL Rates.

I have also delayed working on some of these things to give my fellow known cloners a chance to innovate something on their own, so far still nothing 😉

Happy new year and safe travels wherever you are. All the Best in 2020.

Again thanks for the support from the community and special thanks to my local and international FPV group of friends that push me to the limit 🥳🥳

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Airtronics M17 and Jumper T16

Before I went on holiday I managed to get a template done for both of these Transmitters. When I came back I had a ton of work to get out and I fell behind. I am currently working on a MT44 to add to the ground transmitters and I’m looking at getting some of my older work up on the site over the coming winter that’s fast approaching. As FPV dies down here locally I need to focus on my off-road and on-road products. If you are looking for something specific please let me know, contact me via facebook page NXGRAPHICS.

I have also had some interest in the new Nano Drak Wing, I’m currently spent on buying new products. If you are someone with $$$ and want something templated you can always send me the product to work on. Anyone in Canada with items that want to be wrapped, that I don’t have a template for please let me know we can work something out. I would offer free wrap installed and free shipping back within Canada.

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Ritewing Mini Drak Coming along nicely

May 28th

Yup still slacking with updates, in the following week i should have a couple Mini Wraps up for sale. Working on shipping quotes. Getting the installation video made, Social media response such as Facebook slightly growing nothing crazy but way more than imagined. Below is a picture of when i first started this project, frantic drawing logo placement and lettering to Installed in the monitor to a digitized concept pattern. More someday!

*** little side note for anyone that might be confused about the store*** I was putting updates in the wrong section of my website so basically talking to my self, we are no longer down anymore for anyone still wondering. Full steam ahead, lots of projects here at home and also new ones lined up that relate to FPV.