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Bad News

Looks like i will be shut down for the holidays do to an extreme amount of Data LOSS. Last orders that did not get worked on will be refunded immediately. I will hopefully be able to take on orders in January 2019. Apologies and happy holidays to all of you. Thank you all for the support

Will M.

we got problems 🙁
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Down Time, Upgrades :) 15% discount!

For anyone that got affected by the down time here is a coupon code for 15% off any order above 20 bucks, sale ends May 20th. Coupon Code : FPVS15

I keep forgetting to post here, so we had some issues where the website would not send out a completion order emails and then i would have to answer emails if orders were being shipped out or not. Rest assure we sent out all orders and also looked into why this was happening. In short our site needed upgrades, we did that and something went wrong. Go figure, site was down for almost a week but in the end it was much needed and things are back to normal. It also let me unplug for a bit and catch up on much needed sleep 😛

If anyone was trying to get a hold of me recently at the time when the site was down. Please re submit your request in case it was missed. Apologies for the inconvenience the down time might of caused.

Will M.

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Little bit of Xmas rippage

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Sometimes you need to vent and have some time for yourself. Going out with the wreckless crew always solves that. As much as i want to be awesome, sometimes you just have to settle with what you have and can do. Best practice enjoy it! I rather fly than wrench. I’ll have some more product trickle into the website. It’s wordpress and it’s starting to get a little cramped, please feel free to contact me if you do not see what you want.

Little fun


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Off to another event MEGADRONE X

As an avid hobbyist i like to attend a few big races in the states, i’m not the greatest pilot but i really like the atmosphere of these events. Also it gives me a chance to show off my work by bringing down samples and promote my business. Hope to meet some of you out there, should be a blast. Store will be close Oct 27 – Nov 8th any orders placed during the week will be sent out on the 9th.

Thank You

Will M.


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Taranis QX7 Delays

Looks like the US does not like large envelopes and i need to redesign my template. For USA orders only and the QX7 there will be a delay as i am gone for a while. Everything else will ship as normal with no delays.


Things have been really good, lots of copy cats out there but it hasn’t affected us here as we are steaming along and also adding more product after my trip.


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Closed from May 9th to the 20th

Crazy how fast time flies, you raise your head from your cubicle and realize winter is no more. Sunshine warm weather ahead, time to get my colour back need some desperate R&R. My paypal will be disabled till the 20th. if for some reason i forget to do it i have this post and a notification stating i’ll be gone for a bit. See you soon

Will M.

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The Springer Collection

Got a request to do a wrap for a NQD Water Jet and 2 Proline Protek 3355 Short Course Bodies. I really don’t like how the front wheel well ribs look but i was told that they cut them out and put mess in for that nice airflow. Some like it some don’t 😛



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More Stuff Partial Sticker Combos and Full Wraps

I’m leaning towards making partial wraps for smaller 1/10 scale on road bodies and the 1/8 scale line of bodies i’m leaning towards full wraps for buggy Truggy only. Short Course from now on will be partial wraps until i get my backlog caught up. If i keep doing Short course shells they will be something that is used by all manufactures. If it’s not a commonly used shell i probably pass, unless your wanting to pay extra for time needed to template a shell ( 45 per/hr )