Ritewing Mini Drak Swirls – Pink Blue White Black


In order to make your wing unique and stand out i need 2 colors to play with, one light and one dark. Basic color choices, Red White Blue Black Green Yellow Orange Pink Purple. Depending on the design or logo submitted i may re use the color to make it stand out more from the design. If supplying your own logo Transparent is best or a solid background. Logos submitted need to be excellent quality to get best results. Send me something super small and you may end up with Minecraft artwork (no joke), i may have to contact you for other options and this will delay the process.

Capital letters or lowercase letters. You can do whatever you want just don’t mess up writing your own name. I’m the only one that can screw that up :) JK JK “JonDohFpV” ” R2D2FpV ” “H8_FPV” “Legendary” these are examples :P

Also if you are particular to a font, you must tell me or link me the font. The Font must be available to download otherwise this may delay the process.

Unlike the goggle wrap the wing has many places it can have customization. You can also direct me further with a comment. example – “Top of Wing Right Side” ” Belly middle” ” Side of MD nose back 10″ from tip”

Give me as much information as you can, emailing and chatting can cause delays. I mainly work at night so it’s difficult for me to message you while your sleeping :)



Ship World Wide  4 x 4 x 18 box 23.88 US & International

Canada Shipping 12.99

Protect your gear and look different, the wrap is laminated for extra protection against scratches and sunlight harmful UV.

If you do not see a pattern you like on this page please let me know and i can work with you to find a solution.

You will have the option of having shark teeth or not (the Default is without teeth )

More samples will be tagged on Instagram check out #nxgraphicsFPV

Can be customized with a few options on check out, if you don’t see what you want contact me via Facebook, while you are at it Like my page đŸ˜›

** Disclaimer 1– Although the wrap protects your wing, it is not bulletproof so we suggest adding HD packing tape over high-wear areas like the nose/belly and leading wing edges. This will help with the life of the wing and wrap***

** DISCLAIMER 2 – This wrap is meant for new wings, I have not installed the wrap on a used wing so you are going into unexplored territory. What you need to consider is you will have to clean your wing thoroughly possibly disconnect servo to fit wing pieces. If your wing is trashed you may need help from GOOP or 3M90 to help keep it down in rough areas. You may also need to cut away some extra vinyl if you missing foam in some places đŸ™‚ easy stuff

** Disclaimer 3 – Although we try to match up designs as best as possible. You will have areas that do not match or are miss-aligned, areas where the wrap-over laps another piece. Example neck to wing transition is nearly impossible to match. From the air these look amazing up close yes you will see some discrepancies with the pattern. Rest assured it is still wrapping 95% of the wing with this kit, no paint needed no masking no fumes. It’s up to you if this will be for you.

Super Fast Installation Video ( quickie version )

Long Installation Video ( Long Dull Effective )

Sample of wrap with different pattern installed



Additional information

Weight 430 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 18 in

As is Please