Skyzone SKY02S V+ 3D goggle wrap – Merica01




These are the newer goggles that skyzone offers with the smaller front camera. I had a Friend lend me his skyzone goggles so right now the wrap only covers the goggles, i noticed on some product pictures that they seem to include these in the packaging so just letting you know you’re only getting the goggle wrap.Apologies for this inconvenience and i will pursue on trying to get some.

This one has many faces compared to the first Skyzone goggles, ask for custom colours if these don’t suit the look you’re looking for. In your order please Type in your sig or name, no notes will assume with no lettering 🙂 Custom logos can be applied for a small additional fee ( depends on submitted art work or if design is needed contact via notes in order )


Additional information

Weight 54 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in