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I’M Back, Changing Direction

Alrighty, after a constant struggle with my printer for several months it’s pretty much just a plotter that cuts, no prints and I don’t want to dump any more money into it. I would like to save up for a new one and the funds are just not there to make it happen right meow.

I have decided to put up my templates for sale and they are intended for print shops to use them. Why I chose the pricing that I did, I look at it as 2-4 prints and you have recuperated your cost of buying the template. After that, it is all profit and you didn’t have to waste any time making a template. That’s the way I look at it and hope people can understand. I won’t get sucked into a debate on any of the social platforms.

So what am I to do now with my time? well, I can :

  • Cut single-color stickers like boat registration numbers
  • Car window stickers
  • Paint maskings for people that paint Lexan RC cars
  • Small layered signage

The new thing that excites me is the access to a laser engraver and I have managed to make a few cool things that I will put up on my site. Most of these items will be limited but totally open to making more if the demand is there. Some items will be

  • LED Lamp replacements like you see on AM/-\zon, I may sell the LED puck but I don’t want to keep any stock
  • Temporarily do 24oz Stanley Tumblers.
  • If anyone is looking for Lamacoids and wants to give me a chance at making them for you please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page.