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Airtronics M17 and Jumper T16

Before I went on holiday I managed to get a template done for both of these Transmitters. When I came back I had a ton of work to get out and I fell behind. I am currently working on a MT44 to add to the ground transmitters and I’m looking at getting some of my older work up on the site over the coming winter that’s fast approaching. As FPV dies down here locally I need to focus on my off-road and on-road products. If you are looking for something specific please let me know, contact me via facebook page NXGRAPHICS.

I have also had some interest in the new Nano Drak Wing, I’m currently spent on buying new products. If you are someone with $$$ and want something templated you can always send me the product to work on. Anyone in Canada with items that want to be wrapped, that I don’t have a template for please let me know we can work something out. I would offer free wrap installed and free shipping back within Canada.