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What’s Up 2020

What’s happening in 2020? I plan on working on DJI, ORQA and FatShark Goggles. It is a huge time savage, i hope i can start rolling out by the end of January or sooner.

I have access to DJI Now but i have been sick and pretty much hit that year end wall.

ORQA, i will be working with someone to make these happen, i won’t be buying them as they are out of my scope.

Fatsharks i need to get a hold of a set locally same thing i won’t be buying them as they are out of my scope also, i believe the designs it pretty much the same but IPD area is different and the visor no longer has a switch.
If someone wants to tape and trace these 2 areas for me and get the ball rolling that would be helpful 🙂

Wings i don’t think i will continue making wraps for wings other than the ritewing mini that i worked on last year. Time spent making template, materials needed to make, ship and also have an attractive price is just not there to make it worth while.
Shipping Wing wraps from Canada sucks for packages and having to answer emails about shipping cost or why i can’t offer international tracking just ruins it for me and is a time waste 🙁 I am not large enough of a company to get those sweet DHL Rates.

I have also delayed working on some of these things to give my fellow known cloners a chance to innovate something on their own, so far still nothing 😉

Happy new year and safe travels wherever you are. All the Best in 2020.

Again thanks for the support from the community and special thanks to my local and international FPV group of friends that push me to the limit 🥳🥳