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Update, Tango 2 Skins Dropped. HDO2 Delayed, DJI Delayed

Alright as some of you have already noticed, I have dropped the Tango 2 skins before the HDO2 and DJI Goggles. The timing was a little unexpected and I chose to roll with that first. Also, my Cloaner friends will have to wait longer as it looks like none of them want to be innovative to release anything. I will be giving myself some more time to do a little R&R and hope to have lots of skins for spring.

I’ve also caught a gaming illness of late, it’s called EFT and I have to say that this has been a good distraction overwork as I usually just work and don’t really have any me time to myself. For those waiting for releases, I am selfishly taking my time but also want to make sure I put out a good product everyone can install without swearing 😛